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Newsflash: Journalist Fired for Reporting Objective Reality


I guess it’s… good?… that the editors of this publication feel unfettered by objective reality.

At a very fundamental, core level, Springston did not share our vision for a news publication with a progressive perspective. He held on to the notion that there was an objective reality that could be reported objectively, despite the fact that that was not our editorial policy at Atlanta Progressive News.

We believe there is no such thing as objective news. Typically, mainstream media presents itself as objective but is actually skewed towards promoting the corporate agenda of the ultra-wealthy.

APN, on the other hand, does not pretend to be objective. We believe that our news coverage is fair and that our progressive principles are fair. We aim when possible to give voice to all sides, but aim to provide something different than what is already provided by corporate sources.

If you refuse to accept the existence of facts in the first place, I guess journalism gets a lot easier.  I admit that perhaps this point is nuanced, since it could be argued that all forms of secondhand reporting are an interpretation of testimony, and therefore must fall short of an objective description of objective reality. But I daresay this is the first time I’ve seen a professed journalist hold up rejection of objectivity as a positive meritVisit the original to read more.

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