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Vista, or the Upgrade that Wasn’t


Yeah, I’m late to this party. I decided to install Vista on my home system. We’re never going to use it where I work — smart money says that we’re going to skip straight to Windows 7 — but I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

It’s pretty much a slapdash interface rewrite on good old Windows XP/2000. Honestly, I could be using Windows 2000 and hardly notice a difference. The new interface looks cute, but has numerous fatal flaws that make it exceedingly difficult to deal with it. For example, good luck trying to apply color preferences to your windows or anything. Many pieces of the interface will simply ignore your settings, no matter what you specify. I’ve been trying to get my taskbar away from this horrible two-tone, but apparently it can’t be done unless I revert all the way back to Windows 2000-style menus.

Anyway, when trying to copy some files from a USB drive I received this wonderful error message:


Really? I put in the wrong diskette. If only I had Volume Serial Number: in my drive Windows6.0-KB948465-X64.exe!

The fact that this operating system has been out for 2 years, been through 2 service packs and these wizards can’t manage to display the correct data fields in the error message is, I think, generally indicative of the quality control I see throughout the product. And error number 0x80070022? Although there are thousands of references on the Internet and a couple of dozen on Microsoft’s own user support bulletin boards, Microsoft has published no end-user information about this error, although it’s documented in their API guide. So how, if I am Joe Q. User, will this error message be useful if I get additional help?

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